Advertisement in the Leading New PapersOnce receipt of demand from the Client, application is made to the Protector of Emigrants, Government of Pakistan, for permission to advertise the jobs in the leading local newspapers. On obtaining the permission the advertisement is released in the print media.


Qualified computer operators led by a senior placement executive form this database centre. This team working on state of the art machines with a comprehensive database collection program is responsible for monitoring, compiling and categorizing relevant data on workers through local as well as certain important and strategic international channels. MEPCO therefore has an extensive database, which is enhanced on a daily basis. This comprises, not only Professionals from almost all fields of work but skilled and unskilled labour available for employment throughout Pakistan.


The Recruitment Process is carried out strictly under instruction from the Client and the merit criteria of selection. No recommendation is accepted for any appointment. The interviews and selections are generally done by the Client officials who are provided with all the necessary facilities and assistance by our organization.


The selection of a candidate is subject to the fulfillment of the conditions, such as Interview which are carried out and completed under the supervision of our professionals, highly proficient in the interviewee’s area of skill. This enables MEPCO to gauge more specifically the workers/ workforce’s aptitude, leaving very little room for speculative analysis.

Trade & Skill Test

The trade tests are conducted at recognized trade test and training institutes, approved by the Government of Pakistan. and conform to the internationally accepted standards of working , for foreign countries.


The Medical and psychological examination is carried out at the Hospitals approved by Foreign Embassies/Consulates where all the modern facilities are available.

Final Selection

Through MEPCO guarantees a totally satisfactory and apt work force line-up for its clients, it ensures VIP welcome for the foreign principals or their representative who would want work with or supervise our team of professionals at any stage of selection and recruitment. The final selection of every single worker is done in joint consensus of the selection committee, Placement Committee, Testing and Interviewing Staff and the Principal’s representative (if involved in the selection)

Facilities and Assistance provided to the Client in Pakistan for Recruitment

Officials of our esteemed Clients visiting Pakistan in connection with the recruitment are provided with all office facilities, transport etc., besides arrangements for their hotel accommodation and return air journey to their home country. Interviews with the candidates are also arranged and selected candidates are sent for trade tests and medical examinations etc. a short notice arrangement for skilled workers can also be made as we have access to a large selection of skilled workers all over the Country.


Dispatch of the worker is preceded by an orientation session, the attendance of which is incumbent upon each recruit. During this session the recruits are given a comprehensive brief about their code of conduct and behavior expectations in the country they are being sent for employment. A run down of their job titles and specifications, responsibilities and duties, the salary structure, accommodations and other provisions etc. The company policies are also discussed at length.

Dispatch of Workers

The dispatch of workers to their respective destinations starts immediately after all the legal formalities, documents and contractual requirements are completed. There is no possibility to delay because we maintain close liaison and cordial relations with the Airlines and Travel Agencies who provide special assistance to our passengers.

Backup Support

The dispatch of our recruits to our client’s organization is not the end but the beginning of our relationship with our clients. From this point onwards you will find our entire staff at your service in any area that you may require our assistance. Generally no guarantee of any kind is offered by any Employment Promoter to his Principal/Employer for the workers selected by the Clients’ officials during their visit to our office. However, we ensure that the workers provided for the interview to the Clients’ officials and selected by them are reliable and efficient. In an exceptional case whereby the worker turns out to be incompetent or inefficient and the Employer terminates his services, we will replace the worker with a competent one at our own cost.

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