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To be the world leaders in Manpower Recruitment and Placement Services. We will earn our clients’ trust and confidence through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation in our service and our people.


To place with our clients the best available manpower at a highly competitive price without any compromise on the quality or the extent of service.


A company’s success or otherwise depends largely on what constitutes its manpower resources. Finding staff with the right skills and experience can be difficult and time consuming, especially if your employment pool is rather limited. Casting your net globally can bring benefits of finding employees with the particular skill sets, but dealing with the ensuing immigration issues of taking on an expatriate member of staff can be complicated and perplexing. This is where the knowledge and experience of Manpower Export Placement Corporation (MEPCO) work to your implicit advantage.

MEPCO – Looking Into The Present With A Vision For The Future

Realising the magnitude of the responsibility placed on it, MEPCO has, since its inception in 1974, been operating successfully to meet the needs of employers worldwide.

Drawing on over three decades of manpower resourcing experience in the worldwide market place, MEPCO are the right people to help you through the whole process allowing you to concentrate on what you do best- running your business. MEPCO are qualified not only to act as your recruitment consultants, but also as your immigration consultants. From offering careful pre-selection of suitable candidates through to representation at the various government agencies, MEPCO can help you find the right candidates from a compound skills pool with any fuss or inconvenience.


When dealing with MEPCO, every representative you meet will be a constant reminder of your secure investment, since MEPCO guarantees that you will interact only with professionals.


Long-term Commitment

AT MEPCO when we end our introductory correspondence with the customary; “Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship with you”, we do not regard it as a cliché. This is the cornerstone of our operations.

When we first interact with you we do it with a long-term commitment in mind, regardless of the time and energy that each of our clients would require from us.

You will find us thorough in our follow-ups and available to you at all times during and much after the employment of our recruits in your organisations.

Complete Placement Service

MEPCO has the required infrastructure and manpower base to provide our clients with a custom-tailored employee structure. So, if your manpower requirement ranges from Senior Management, specially Professionals to experienced Technical Staff and Skilled Labour, look no further. Just call us and we will take care of it. Today, we have made ourselves totally and globally accessible to our clients, who can now access us on the internet where they can get all the information they may require. You will find us at Our email address is [email protected].

Every Client is Big Enough

The size of your requirement is not a priority. You are. MEPCO is geared to meet demands, which range from a few senior executives to an unlimited number of workers or workforces. Our No Compromise attitude ensures the quality of services and the manpower recruited for your organisation.


Database Unit:

Qualified computer operators, led by a senior placement executive, form the database centre. This team, which works on state of the art equipment, has access to a comprehensive database. It categorises relevant data on workers through local as well as certain important and strategic international channels. The extensive database of MEPCO is updated on a daily basis.


Fulfilling the clients’ requirements to their exact specifications is our first priority following which we recruit and select a work force through our extensive database and other sources such as the Ministry of Labour, local factories or work places, vocational institutes and other allied establishments. If the need for specialised professionals arises, advertising for the vacancies through the print medium (with approval of relevant authorities) is also an option which is regularly exercised.

Screening & Initial Selection:

In the next phase, a detailed resume containing all the relevant information is compiled. After a bio-data has been compiled, an initial screening of the applications is conducted.

Interviews, Trade & Skill Tests:

Interviews are next step after screening of the applications. Interviews are supervised and conducted by professionals, highly proficient in the interviewee’s area of skills. This enables MEPCO to gauge more specifically the worker/workforce’s aptitude, leaving very little room for speculative analysis.

Final Selection:

Though MEPCO guarantees a totally satisfactory and apt work force line-up for its clients, it ensures VIP welcome for the foreign principals or their representatives who would want to work with or supervise our team of professionals at any stage of selection and recruitment. The final selection of every single worker is done with consensus of the selection and placement committees, Testing and Interviewing Staff and the Principal’s representative (if involved in selection).

Training & Development of Workers:

Proper attention is paid to the preliminary training and development of workers. A comprehensive training facility has been setup. The supervisors of this facility are proficient workers taken from many different fields.


Before their departure, workers attend a mandatory orientation session. During this session the new recruits are given a comprehensive briefing about their code of conduct and behaviour expectations in the country they are being sent to for employment. They are informed in detail about their job titles and specifications, responsibilities and duties, the salary structure, accomodation and other provisions. The Company Policies are also discussed at length.

Departure of Workers:

MEPCO is geared to quickly and efficiently mobilise any specific number of workers to every part of the globe. We take care of all travel arrangements in active coordination with the principals.

Backup Support:

The sending of our recruits to our clients’ organisations is not the end but the beginning of our relationship with our clients. From this point onwards you will find our entire staff at your service in any area that you may require our assistance.

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